Radio-app: Safe connection becoming unsafe

i’m accessing NC-radio via a firefox (newst version) with an installed noscript-addon (newest version)… so now i need to grant privileges to every radio-station i want to listen to. that’s ok, i can deal with it.
but by granting these rights/privileges to those stations my let’s encrypt-certificate for NC becomes a mixed one now. it says that some graphics or similar could be unsafe due to http-transport-protocol.

is there a way to change http to back https?

Unfortunately all images and streams are parsed from third party sites and they are often non-https.
I’m not sure if it would be possible to “tunnle” all traffic through php, e.g. nextcloud so on client site everything would be fetched from a single, secure connection?
As far as I can see, other apps, like the news app, have the same limitation … I’m using the app “Adblock origin” and “Privacy Badger” and for both of them I’ve added an exception for the radio app so everything will be unblocked.

i see. and i guessed so.
thanks anyway.

i’m gonna marked this “solved”…
and i suggest: anyone who feels to add something here feel free to do so