Quota Warning not Work HELP

Enabled Notification
Installed Quota warning

Any suggestion?

85% no notification
90% no notification
95% no notification no Email sent even checked the options

hank you

  • How do you expect to receive quota warnings?
  • How fast do you expect to get quota warnings?
  • Have you installed the Notification app?
  • Are you able to receive any other notification?
  • How have you setup your cron job and in which interval is it running?
  • Are there any messages related to notifications in the Nextcloud log file?

@j-ed thank you for reply…
like on my 1st post 85% 90% and 95%with email
but all of that have no notifications.

yes i recieved some notifications like mentioned in comment

yes installed notifications app.

i expect to receive quota warning when reached the % number setup in the settings.

not yet check in log file… will check it later

thank you