Quota Konfiguration with LDAP Integration

Hello Community,

we have set up a Nextcloud 28 instance. The system is running smoothly, and hardening is also okay.

Now we are dealing with integrating LDAP into the system. Most of it is already running smoothly.

We now want to be able to configure quotas via our AD. The documentation states the following:

"Quota Field:

  • Nextcloud can read an LDAP attribute and set the user quota according to its value. Specify the attribute here, and it will return human-readable values, e.g. “2 GB”."*

So, we want to create a new LDAP attribute, which is not a problem.

Now, the actual question. What format should the attribute be? Integer? Unicode text?

And what do I enter into this attribute? Bytes, megabytes? The text as, for example, “10 GB”.

Who can provide brief information here?

At this point, the documentation seems a bit sparse to me.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,