Quota and folder with shared write permissions

I just noticed that if I share a folder with other users who have file create permissions in that folder, that whatever they upload is deducted from my storage quota, not theirs.

On Google drive, say, files are owned by whoever creates them, and thus are counted towards that owner’s quota. I think that makes more sense.

Also, there’s a potential ‘denial of service’ there if third parties can ‘fill up’ a user’s quota, as it wouldn’t be so straightforward to locate and remove such uploaded files in a complex directory structure. I’m not even thinking of malicious use here, such things can happen by mistake.

I would therefore kindly suggest / ask that user storage quota are calculated by file owner, and that files created by others in a shared folder are owned by the creator.

If this is already possible and I just need to configure / set up things differently, I’d be grateful for your advice.

Many thanks,