Quicksearch - The better search option instead of Global Search (IMHO)

Hi Devs especially the Contacts-App Devs,

I just saw the new introduction ob QuickSearch and I already like it.
I think it is a great decision giving an option to search and not using the Global Search
so “well done”.

I am asking you to spread this “thinking” to other apps like Files and Calendar.
Frankly speaking I am not using Global search anymore if i can avoid it.

The Global Search shows everything. I am usally in the app I want to search for so if I search for a filename I use Windows Search instead (on a Synced Computer). Same goes for Contacts and Calendar (where I use Outlook or Android).

In the end Global Search is not as efficient as I hoped it will be.
It only answers the Question like “Did I ever anywhere had a string like “xxxx””
and then I have to click every 3 seconds on show more resultsm which is annyoing especially if I have to go through all results to answer this question correctly.

So thanks again Contacts App Devs for bringing back a useful Search.

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