Quick php memory limit question (resolved)

Hi, I have a quick question about php memory limit. I have gone into my php.ini and my /nextcloud/config/config.php files to change the php memory limit as I would normally with any other php driven website (I only have experience with Wordpress but it also commonly has errors with the php.ini memory limit being too low), but regardless when I got to settings/monitoring it still shows the php memory limit as 512mb.

Though under monitoring I do see that 2.5 gigs of memory are being used. 2.5 gigs is what I set the memory limit to in the php.ini files. So my question is:

does that 2.5gigs of memory usage by nextcloud reflect the changes I made to the php.ini files, or is it reflective of something else?

Why isn’t the php memory limit changed in the monitoring settings section to reflect the changes I’ve made in php.ini etc? I’ve restarted nginx and the entire server multiple times since making these changes and the changes I’ve made still show up.

Also I found this issue which seems to reflect a similar issue? Php memory limit

the user there says that the php memory limit is held in htaccess?

EDIT: I just remembered to make hidden files visible so that I could see .htaccess and I changed the settings in htaccess and restarted the server and it still says 512M as the limit in the settings.

EDIT2: Also changed the settings in .user.ini which was next to it, and it also still results in no change in the stated memory limit.

FINAL EDIT: Huzzah! nvm, the website settings monitor has updated to the correct number. I guess it just took a little bit of time. Thank you!