Questions installation on Openmediavault


I’m just new to this forum and to the Nextcloud product, and plan to build my first nas/home server with Nextcloud based on Openmediavault for private use (4 people using it at maximum). I will use SATA 2 discs with either RAID or ZFS. Beside Nextcloud i also plan to install a home automation system (quite likely Home Assistance) later on. I have some questions, which i could (with my best effort) recognise that fast on this forum and the online Nextcloud (and Openmediavault) documentation. (Sorry in advance if i have overlooked something; i’m also asking these questions with respect to people who have experience with a similar setup; and the latest: i have a technical background, but not little experience and as said, this will be the first home server i will build):

  1. The Nextcloud system requirements only seem to mention RAM capacity, and no CPU and storage requirements, correct? What are those other requirements? My planned hardware: ASRock J3160DC-ITX motherboard with Intel Celeron J3160-processor, 4GB RAM, and 32GB boot USB stick.

  2. I could not find a clear set of instructions for installing Nextcloud on OpenMediavault; openmediavault has a plugin for Owncloud but I prefer Nextcloud. I guess that using the openmediavault docker plugin is the best approach (?) Anyone?

Thank you in advance for your replies;-)

Bump? I can’t believe there are 0 tutorials for setting up Nextcloud in Open Media Vault via docker. Seems like a pretty big deal. Instead of tutorials on installing it directly to a useless raspberry pi that can’t run squat, maybe show us how to install it on OMV? :frowning:

PS: I would prefer a tutorial that actually uses the GUI, you know, buttons and interfaces, not setting up putty and writing a bunch of commandline text because “the guy says so” and then finding out that it’s not configured the way you want or that it doesn’t work and you don’t know why.

Check out the openmediavault community if they have apps or something where you could easily implement it (freenas I think has done it). There are setups for snap or docker, I have no experience in that but if openmediavault supports docker, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, it needs someone to do this first and do a tutorial, or even better implement something in the GUI.
However, we don’t know the GUI of openmediavault here.

For the requirements: RAM is the most critical, the more, the better. 4 GB is a good start, for many users, fast upload, …
Hard disk is mainly for the operating system and to store the database (small SSD should be enough). And then of course the storage, it depends how much you need.
Processor is less important, only thing could be if the server generates thumbnails for the previews (you can offload that on a cronjob), I’d go for something that also needs few power in idle mode.

I just read:

Both are or were very similar. Probably it won’t be very difficult to modify the owncloud plugin to make it run with Nextcloud, however such plugins are only helpful if there is a community around that keeps it up to date.

I’m in much the same situation. I was looking at it, but all of the stuff I’ve seen suggests installing Nextcloud on OMV as a Docker container. I believe that there was a plugin for it earlier on, but that’s not supported any more. Since I would have to learn how to use Docker properly first, I’ve resorted to running Nextcloud on my desktop in a virtual machine (which is what I started out with). The user files etc are accessed from the OMV NAS box via smb.

I did try to get qemu/kvm installed and running on the OMV box to host the VM, as an alternative, but stuff wasn’t working properly, so I decided to stick with what I knew worked.