Questions about official mariadb-cron-redis fpm Docker image : localtime, cron, network


I have a few questions about the docker-compose.yml file before trying this image :

  • I see a lot of people in this forum and elsewhere adding this volume in containers

     - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro

What is it for, is this really useful and if yes why this is not mentioned in the official docker-compose.yml file ?

  • In the official docker-compose.yml file there is the following container

      image: nextcloud:fpm-alpine
      restart: always
        - nextcloud:/var/www/html
      entrypoint: /
        - db
        - redis

What is the purpose of this container and how to use it ?

  • There are 2 networks mentioned in the official docker-compose.yml file

    - proxy-tier
    - default

Should I declare those networks before using the image ? And how ?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, consider the cron service describe in these docker-compose examples as a new entry point. The script just starts the cron daemon. It’s just a way of doing it.

Are the any known issues with the entry point in 17? It does not seem like it runs. I keep seeing notifications that it has been hours since the last cron ran, even though I do have the cron container as shown above, with the correct entry point.

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