Questions about federated cloud!I hope someone can help me!Thanks!

I have two nextclouds, one with IP address of and one with IP address of They are all configured with SSL and can be accessed through HTTPS. And the two servers can be pinged,

However, when I share a file on to a user on, I fill in the sharing box with the user’s federated cloud ID: xxx@ , indicating that the creation of the share failed and the server could not be found.

I checked the log. Here is a screenshot of the log.

are both servers external reachable? by FQDN?

If yes --> try those

It was tested in LAN. The two servers can access communication and Ping each other。

maybe so. but perhaps federation is only working with a FQDN… just guessing.

I’ll try FQDN again.thanks!

I tried FQDN, but I still can’t. The prompt said that the server could not be found. The servers can access each other in two days. How strange!

Do you use firewalls or restricted ports (restricted LISTEN on webserver port 443?). For Federation you need communicate between both servers with HTTPS. The one server is the https-client and the other is the https-server (and vice-versa).
Another problem is perhaps the fact that the servers does not trust the SSL certificates each other.

Test perhaps:

on server .198:
curl --cert-status

on server .200:
curl --cert-status

Test also with


Problem with federation sharing - NC 13.0.4

I’ll try the method you mentioned. Thank you very much for your advice!

Your method is very good. I tested it with your method. The following prompt appears to indicate that SSL certificate verification failed.
on server .198:

curl --cert-status

curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate
More details here:
curl failed to verify the legitimacy of the server and therefore could not
establish a secure connection to it. To learn more about this situation and
how to fix it, please visit the web page mentioned above.

I use the OpenSSL command to make the certificate. So how to verify with SSL? How to solve this problem?

Thank you again!

apparently you don’t have any FQDN (at least not on .200 server). Self-signed certificates don’t work with federation.

The problem is: you wanna have TWO servers sharing the same external address… So either you do solve that via different ports (like 80/443 on the first one and perhaps 8080/4443 one the second one), call server 1 like sv1.yourdomain.tld and server 2 like sv2.yourdomain.tld and try to obtain valid certificates for each of those…
or you’d try an reverse proxy, give your two server two different names and apply for a certificate for each of them.

My two servers have an IP address:; the IP address of the other server is

I use the OpenSSL command to generate the certificate, two servers share a certificate. Do you want to generate a certificate for each server?

these are internal IP-adresses. It prolly won’t work using those.

yes. but no internal certificates. i mean you could try it… but be prepared that it wouldn’t work, most probably.

why? The two servers are in the internal network.

Thank you again

i think federation was made to connect servers from different networks. so it could be a problem that yours are in the same network. and that you use IP-addresses and no URLs.

In fact, I recently tested URLs, the same problem.

URL of server a: B server

Using the browser and is Ok.

But you can’t use a federated cloud ID between two servers.

How depressing!

Do you have valid offical certificates for each of your URLs?

It’s the certificate I generated with the OpenSSL command.

Where can I get an official certificate?

would you mind giving me one of your URLs via PM? or even both?

My NC is built in two VMware of intranet. One of their URLs is and the other is

#ping is ok

#ping is ok

and this is the problem… they are no “public” URLs. Only vaild within your own network. And thus it won’t work.

They need to be accessible from the outside as well… each of them. Meaning: I (and everyone else) would need to be able to access them by that address.