Questions about Desktop Client Windows

I’ve questions about Windows Desktop Client and nextcloud.

Here my Setup:

Nextcloud: Version
OS: Debian 9
Windows Desktop Client: Version 2.5.1 final
Client OS: Windows 10

I want to use e2e encryption. It’s no Problem to create a Folder and encrypt them. But if I upload more than 1 File for example 10 jpeg files, the sync process hangs.
After a restart of the Client the sync process hangs again. only 1 or two files will be synced.

Now my questions.

  • it is possible to decrypt a Folder via Desktop (Windows Client). I’ve found only the “encrypt Folder” but no “decrypt” entry ?

  • the Windows Desktop Client crashed some times

  • to encrypt a Folder it must be empty, correct ?

  • if I use the Desktop Client only with decrypt Folders it works fine.

  • Does the previous Version of nextcloud (e.g. 14.x) and Desktop Client work better ?


If the sync process hangs and you can reproduce this, please enable the logging window before (F12) and report errors to the client-repository bugtracker:

Regarding the default behavior of the E2E encryption, it is supposed to be clear by design, so there is no current documentation:

No, it’s a client feature, the server part should be very small and it’s not very likely to have changed a lot between the versions. And if there were a problem identified, it would be fixed very quickly. NC 16 is about to be released very soon and NC 14 support will stop shortly after.