[Question] What Android App makes use of Groups (CATEGORIES)

Imported and grouped

I imported all my phone-contacts to a fresh installation of Nextcloud and grouped all my contacts with the Web-UI.

Synced to Android

I have Android 6.0.1 on an Experia Z5.
I deleted all contacts on my phone, and synced them with CardDAV sync.

Phonebook doesn’t show Groups
even not in the contacts details
There is no way to see or edit the groups (vCard CATEGORIES).

…trying to add new field
bot no group (CATEGORIES) is available.

My Question

What phone book app or dailer app makes use of Nextcloud’s groups?

Hi! Stock contacts on 6.0.1 handle groups pretty well :slight_smile:

You need to go to the group tabs and either add a group or click a group then edit it (top right menu)

Thanks for your answer.
I just tried it out, and yes you can create groups (also under the CardDAV account) and add people to that group.
But that group then (after syncing) doesn’t appear in the Web-UI of Nextcloud - it doesn’t appear neither in the downloaded vCard file from Nextcloud nor in an exported vCard file from Android.

So all this doesn’t make sense with Nextcloud.

Creating them on nextcloud works though. :confused:

as stated here

which links to here

Android doesn’t support vCard’s CATEGORIES (!!!)

It seems that Google want their users to stay in the google-world with google-contacts (and supported and synced groups).

On an iPhone it should work, if the group existed before importing the vCard.


I tried this on my Android without luck.

Editing groups on my android worked for me.

It seems, this has to do with the used sync-client.

I have had used CardDAV sync (free), which doesn’t support CATEGORIES.

As stated here:

only the payed version support that properly, which I have installed now.

@skjnldsv waht sync clients did you use?

@KarlZeilhoferI used CardDAV sync pro 0.4.20 :slight_smile:

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