[Question] Should NextCloud be considered as a backup for the files?

Hello all,

Sorry for a dumb question but I need to ask this before I decide move to self hosted Nextcloud.

I have Qnap and for backup/share my files from my pc/laptop/mobile I use build in QSync software.
There is an option to preserve files on qnap so event someone delete file on pc/laptop/mobile it is still on QNap. So it can be consider as a share/backup software for the files.

Does Nextcloud works the same?
Let’s consider I delete some files in my Nextcloud folder on my laptop, can I recover these files using nextcloud web portal on my vps or these files are gone permanently on all machine that are connected to this nextcloud environment?

I can imaging that someday I get a virus on my laptop that encrypt all my files in nextcloud folder so these files get encrypt on the cloud too, so far as i understand Nextcloud can’t be consider as a backup for files but only a share service, I am right?

Sorry for my English


Nextcloud is a sync solution. It means when you delete a file on your computer, this deletion will be propagated to the server and all other connected clients. There is a trash bin and also a ransomware detection app, but you must not rely on them.

You must have a separate backup of your Nextcloud installation/data.