Question regarding the Forms App

Hi there,

Hopefully this is a simple one.

When we share a form for externals to complete they then click the footer link that says “Get your free account here” It is causing confusion as it links to Nextcloud’s home page and the visitor are complaining that they end up somewhere away from our service. We would like to remove the reference at the bottom of the forms page so that it s9imply has reference to our Privacy Policy and ToS.

Please guide us on where to make the adjustment in teh back end.

Many thanks.

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This is not Forms related and is a setting for all public pages in Nextcloud. Please see the documentation of the config.php file :slight_smile:

'simpleSignUpLink.shown' => true

Thanks for the heads up.
We were able to deactivate it on the specific page, not sure we used the route you are refering to, so we’ll visit another page to see.