Question on some warnings on outdated files since update to 29.0.3


I’ve just updated to 29.0.3.

After restarting I’ve seen these warnings during startup:

Warning: /var/www/html/config/redis.config.php differs from the latest version of this image at /usr/src/nextcloud/config/redis.config.php
Warning: /var/www/html/config/s3.config.php differs from the latest version of this image at /usr/src/nextcloud/config/s3.config.php
Warning: /var/www/html/config/smtp.config.php differs from the latest version of this image at /usr/src/nextcloud/config/smtp.config.php
Warning: /var/www/html/config/upgrade-disable-web.config.php differs from the latest version of this image at /usr/src/nextcloud/config/upgrade-disable-web.config.php

Is there something wrong? I don’t encounter specific problems.

Is it save to just copy these files from “/usr/src/nextcloud/config/” to “/var/www/nextcloud/config/” manually?


Container Pod on Almalinux 9.4 with Podman
NC 29.0.3 fpm-alpine, PGSQL 16.3, Nginx 1.25.4, Redis 7.0.15,…
No, it’s not the AIO solution

You didn’t specify, but I’m guessing you’re using the micro-services Docker image.

That feature was just added. The original enhancement had a link to the docs alongside it but I guess we dropped that in the output in the final.

Anyhow, the docs elaborating in what it means are here.

Hello jtr,

thank you for your immediate reply :+1: :+1:. I really appriciate that.

Yes, I’m using basically Docker images from more or less adjusted to my needs and some images created by my own.
Sorry, for not mentioning this.

I’ve just saved the config files, copied the new ones and restarted the whole pod.
The warnings has gone and right now I can’t see problems related to these topic.

Thank you for your help :+1: :+1:


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I also use Docker images and I also got this warning upgrading from to

The funning thing is, I don’t have any files except config.php and config.sample.php in /var/www/html/config/. Should I copy those files over? If so then I think installer should be able to distinguish between files being modified and just missing completely and either not print warnings at all or copy files that it needs during upgrade automatically.

Is your Docker deployment many years old? Or perhaps did you manually migrate from another Nextcloud environment to the Docker image?

I can’t think of a reason you’d be missing all those files otherwise.

The majority of cases people will just be missing one or two or have a few slightly outdated ones from time to time.

My deployment is years old indeed. Well, I guess maybe this is not the version that migration should have been implemented in. Should I just copy the files it complains about over?

Should I just copy the files it complains about over?

Yes. However I always like to be cautious so I’d personally review the following before doing so:

  • apps_paths: chances are you already have the two different ones required by the Docker image in place in your main config.php, since without them things will behave strangely with the Docker image. Just make sure it matches what’s contained in the /usr/src/nextcloud/config/apps.config.php before you copy that file over. You can get some further context from the migration instructions
  • make sure any environment variables specified in your Docker Compose file match reality (though I suspect you have none since part of what lacking all these config files does is prevent you from using any of the image’s built-in auto configuration via environment variables; even so, it’s possible you have something listed there that has been dormant that you certainly don’t want to suddenly become active)
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Done, seems to work and warnings are gone.

Do I need apps_paths in config.php still or apps.config.php is sufficient (I assume it is included before/after main config and matching configuration doesn’t impact anything)?

UPD: Read docs, yes, it is possible to remove now.