Question on installing the Nextcloud VM

Hi. This is my first time setting up a home server, and I’m doing it on spare hardware, not using a VPS or any kind of service. I’m using the VM script from this repo: Nextcloud VM, specifically this script to automate the process. The issue I’m running into is pretty basic. It asks me to set an IP during the set up portion of the script, after installation, and I have no idea how to answer. I know I can’t just enter a random address. Do I need to configure a static IP by talking to my internet provider or fiddling with my router? If so, can somebody point me to resources on how to do this?

Any answers appreciated.

At first, you can just give this host a static IP in your local network. As a second step, you can set up a port forwarding on your router, then you can reach your setup from outside. With ddns, you can update dns entries to your current public ip to reach your Nextcloud. You need to add this ddns-hostname to the trusted domains (in the config/config.php file).

@Alekhine Saw this now, how did everything go?

Drifted away from the project because interacting with my router is a pain in the ass. It’s still pretty high on my to-do list, since I’d like to be able to access my notes and music anywhere. Once I make some progress I’ll update this thread.

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