Question of understanding - version in Nextcloud App store vs. GitHub

I have a question about the software version displayed in the App store. Even if this is more of a general question, I would like to illustrate it using the example of an app.

According to here, there was a security vulnerability in Global Site Selector and so I went in search of the software. The latest version I found in appstore Global Site Selector was Nextcloud 19. But according to Github, there is also version Nextcloud 28 globalsiteselector/tree/stable28.

Why does the AppStore deviate so much. Is something broken or is it intentional? I would just like to understand it. Above all, as a normal user, you have to assume that some software is completely outdated and is no longer supported in current Nextcloud versions. This is at least unpleasant if the software is available in GitHub (here AGPL), isn’t it?

I also found this Nextcloud blog post from January 17, 2024

Global Scale relies on a lightweight, stable architecture governed by Global Site Selector, Lookup Server and Balancer.

But no link to Nextcloud App store or GitHub.

Unfortunately, I have not received an answer. Does nobody know or does nobody care? Or am I perhaps just too stupid?