Question : Is using WEBDAV as principal use of Nextcloud Files is a good choice?

Hello Everybody,

I have two clients who are willing to give Nextcloud a try as a great “Files Server”, let me introduce why i ask this question :

Client One : He have for the moment 500Go of useful data (pdf - docs - AutoCad files), everybody there is using Windows (7 & 10), they all have desktop machines except 3 laptops for the CEO and a guy who works 50% outdoor. Only laptops will use the Windows Nextcloud client, they will sync only the few folders they need outside where as the desktops don’t have enought space to sync all the folders they need, so they will use WebDav. 15 Users.

Client Two : it’s quite the same thing but they’re all using MacOS and they have 4To of useful files. 30 Users.

So do you have Pros and Cons about using Webdav ?
I have my own experience with that but i’m a single user, how does it work with several users ? Can it be stable for production ?

Thank you for your answers.

Some time ago, I tried the native webdav implementation of Windows (back then: xp & 7). It was not very reliable (and it hasn’t changed much since then looking through this forum). I decided to use other webdav clients, then there was no problem at all. I haven’t tried a solution where you can mount webdav as a drive (netdrive & webdrive, not free :worried: ).

On Mac, I only tried once, it works better than Windows. Not sure about locking, I think they were creating a lot of mac-specific requests (I don’t remember if it was for meta-data or something else).

What software you used for webdav client on windows ?

It was a long time ago, so it hasn’t seen updates for a while:

On a less regular basis, I use cyberduck or winSCP.

Hi @Nemskiller

I just found the following in the docs:

  • Clients (A comprehensive list of WebDAV clients, and possible problems with each one)
  • Finder, OS X’s built-in WebDAV client (Describes problems with Finder on various Web servers)

There is also a well maintained FAQ thread available at the ownCloud Forums which contains various additional information about WebDAV problems.

Maybe this can help you.