[Question] Gallery Image: Load preview image first then load full size image

After reading lots of community posts I can deduct, that this problem already exists for many years. Is there something I missed? I’ve found this post where @tflidd says it’s “[…] certainly something that could be integrated”:

Gallery can't see full size pictures?

I’ve generated preview for all of my photos with a max size of 512x512 to reduce the size of the preview folder. But these photos are not something one can show to the family on a big TV screen.

Loading the full size image in the background whilst the preview image is already showing isn’t that hard. I did just that for a simple web gallery I programmed a while back. On the other hand I don’t know how hard it would be to implement this into the nextcloud ecosystem.

It would be nice to hear an update on this function or just a little heads up if I missed something and this already exists.

Thank you.



Sorry, that’s a no-go from us.
Previews are generated on-demand. We always request the preview the closest to the screen size.
If you want a proper experience, do not cap the preview generation.

If you are using the preview_generator app, you configure the min/max size for those pre-generations only. And still let the on-demand generation do its thing.

TL;DR limit the previewgenerator max-sizes and not the preview_max config keys

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Generating previews on demand isn’t really an option for me. I am running a low spec VPS which can’t handle multiple user looking at a bunch of images. When I open a directory for the first time with let’s say 200+ images, it takes ages to even show one of these images in the gallery.

I can imagine many people are running nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi.

What you did limits the preview generation, so now it is very slow for viewing images.

I’m afraid you have to choose - either generate previews in advance (it is faster but this takes disk space) or generate them on the fly (saves disk space but is slower).

(sorry I was thinking while typing, I’ve rephrased this)

How did you get the Marketing and PR title? Instead of discussing this on a common level you need reply like this?

Anyways, I am going to move on to FileRun or something else.


@anon9731229 I think @jospoortvliet was thinking out loud while writing. This was not a sarcastic comment aimed to mock you :slight_smile:
But I get the misunderstanding.

Regarding the previews generation, this is unfortunately where we cannot draw a line. If you use a low-end device, it will obviously have some load when you need to fetch huges images. Same goes for previews. Nextcloud isn’t really designed to run on RPI4. While this works, there will inevitably be drawbacks and features that are not compatible with your setup :wink: