Question for the community about external storage devices


I just had a question for those who are more familiar with NextCloud as a whole. I had a working intense of NextCloud running locally on a RaspberrypPi3, but I have since done some things to break it and make it go offline and I am unable to access any admin page or anything like that.
(I can still access the Pi via SSH)
My question is this:
Can I safely remove my external storage from the Pi without losing the files I had uploaded to it via NextCloud when it was running?
While I do maintenance on my server, I want to remove the external hard drive and retrieve all the files on it, but I’m worried that removing it without having access to the server admin page will cause all my files to corrupt.

Many thanks for your help!

Yes, turn the device off and then remove the disk.

You’ll need to turn of the device before you remove the external disk. Re-attach before you boot up the device again. Forgetting this won’t cause corruption, but nextcloud will fail to load since you won’t have the data directory attached to your machine.

You won’t cause corruption, but what you should do is back everything up to another disk before you make any changes. Go buy another disk right now and make a complete copy of your external disk and only then should this conversation continue. :smile:

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