[Question] Data file location for Contacts and Calendar apps - Snap Installation


I am setting up a backup for my nextcloud setup thus I would like to know where my contacts and calendar data is saved. I have a snap installation.

Where did I already look?

  • I checked the documentation which does not mention apps nor snap installation.
  • I checked the app pages. They do not mention a location nor a snap installation.
  • I searched trough /snap/nextcloud/current/ and /var/snap/nextcloud/current/ manually in the server but couldn’t find a location.
  • I checked the help center and found the following question that are similar.
    [Help] Contacts file location
    Encryption of Contacts, Calendar, Tasks - App
    It says the Contacts app data is stored at the database file. Does that mean my contacts are already backed-up if I backup my synced folder?

I am trying to find out how to backup my contacts and calendar data. It will be much easier for me if I can use my laptop client (not the server) for taking the backup snapshots because I already have a system for it.

Your contact and calendar data are stored in the database, so the database backup should be enough:

As a user, you don’t have database access. Also if you prefer having a different format, there is a shell-script running backups manually:

Thanks a lot. Great reply and the script looks useful. I hope it works in snap installation as well.

Hey @qweqweqwe - I am curious: have you tried that script? Does it work in snap installation?