[Question] Can I access "unknown elements" in my vcards?

I tried to upload a CSV of contact info into my contacts – I actually did this in Owncloud 7.1, but none of the addresses appeared. In an effort to troubleshoot that, and some other issues, I upgraded and migrated. I also set up vdirsyncer on my local machine. I still don’t see a good way to re-import that CSV, but in the .vcf files I see that the address information is actually in there, just as “Unknown Element Type”:

X-UNKNOWN-ELEMENT;TYPE=Address:2311-R Streetname

Is there any way to expose or access this in the Nextcloud web interface so I can clean it up?


No you can’t unfortunately. You need to have valid properties for the addresses. I’ll suggest manually editing your failing contact with the proper field. :slight_smile:

I’m on Ubuntu, so I wound up solving this by using vdirsyncer to sync contacts to my laptop. I use khard to view and manage contacts individually, but I can also do batch search and replace against the data store.

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Okay, glad you found a way :slight_smile: