Question about next cloud collaborative editing


I was watching this video from this guy that he did on 2 Jan 2019

and he says "a long time ago next cloud an own cloud had their own document editor included in them but in recent releases next cloud has ditched their native document editor…so they just basically dropped it… you can install collabora on your server "

Is this incorrect?

I see from Nextcloud introduces collaborative rich text editor that Next Cloud has a text editor did they maybe temporarily ditch it and then come up with a new one?


actually I see at 6:28 he shows you can edit a text document.

so he wasn’t accurate with what he said earlier.

is used if you create or open files with the extension .txt (and .md) but that’s a text editor. raw ascii.

collabora and onlyoffice are “full blown” office suites.

if you have a spare server or can create a vsrerver in the cloud try:

for a quick test.