Question about ldap and groups with windows server

Im new on NC and my english its not good as well, so i linked my AD with LDAP and my question its very simple, have some way to link my ldap groups with nc group, so when i permission a folder syncronized on NC with NTFS permissions they can be used on NC?


I have a folder with a group named “Grouptest01” with read permission on windows server and i want to have that same group with same permission on NC, its possible?

My Scenario:

Windows Server 2019 as file server and active directory
NC on Cloud with ubuntu 20.04

Thx in Advance

When linking Nextcloud to Windows AD, you can choose what users/groups get linked.
After this is done, you can create Group Folders and assign read/write permissions to those AD groups (that were linked and now present as Nextcloud groups)…

Hey Henry, thx for ir answer,

Let me try to be more cleared,

Im create a new folder in windows server on synced directory
Set some NTFS permissions on that folder with a group previously imported on ldap.

Have someway to that permission ntfs be set/replicated on nc automatic ?

Because my scenario i have some peoples in different sites and citys and will use sometimes on nc other times directly on fileserver mapped on his machines so create permission every folder everytime a New folder is created Will be painful

Sharing the same (synced) data folder on Windows Server AND Nextcloud…?
Never tried it and doubt this can be done…

Yes, because we have too many people creating folders everyday, so permission this manually on NC will be hard to our team

Henrique, entre en contato comigo caso ainda esteja com problema. Tenho uma solução montada aqui que acho que será a mesma que necessita.