Question about file sync frequency, Nextcloud Android App vs. Linux Desktop Client

Nextcloud Hub 25.0.4 on OpenSUSE 15.4
Nextcloud App 3.24.1 on Android

Hi all,

I want to keep my keepass files, database and keyfiles, in sync between my Android smartphone and my Linux Desktop at home.

When I make a change to the kdbx database file on LINUX, the LINUX desktop client nearly at once recognizes the change and syncs the file to my Nextcloud Hub. Also vice versa, a change made to Nextcloud at once is synched from Nextcloud to LINUX.

Whyever, when I make a change to the kdbx database file on Android, I’ve no clue when or even if Nextcloud app synches the file. App is set to be excluded from any energy saving options, Auto-upload for new files (pics and videos from smartphone) works fine. The keepass database file is shown in nextcloud app below “On device”, but has to be manually synched by me. Maybe misunderstanding, but I expect that a wipe down triggers a synch, as a waiting cursor is shown, but no changes are promoted. As said, only a manual synch really synches.
This behaviour unfortunately leads to some sort of “branching”, changes on by sides, which have to be merged. Usually keepass database files are pretty good in merging, for new entries, but when changing the same key, could be tricky to know/remember which was the latest change.

Should auto-synch work on Adroid also, or is this a misconception by me? Found no settings for frequency etc…