Question about feature

i manage a nextcloud installation, and my customer wants a way to edit a document by clicking on the shared link of said doc (A shares doc. B click on link and click “edit” to open it on onlyoffice).

My question is, does the onlyoffice app add an “edit” button to the page that opens when you click on the shared link?

I have to do a lot of work to install onlyoffice (reinstall OS and migrate everything), so i want to be sure the feature i need actually gets added by the extension.


As proposed in the NC12 release blog post:

I can not say if this feature is usable at the moment, because I still use NC 11

Thanks for your reply. From that segment of text i cannot be sure it refers to what i really need. It might be that he edits the file by opening the containing folder and clicking on edit from the drop down menu.

What i really need is that the edit option is added here:


I’m on NC 12 already, but use OnlyOffice instead of Collabora Online.
Unfortunately (I really miss that feature) you cannot edit documents that are shared via public link. Currently you really need an account on the server to edit documents.

On Github developers said, they take this feature into consideration. No date for a possible release of this feature mentioned.

I can not answer, if the implementation will look like this (if ever implemented). Maybe somebody from Nextcloud GmbH can answer this

Also I use OnlyOffice, and this function is very lacking.
Does this feature exist in Collaborа Online?

Yes Collabora has this feature and I’m going to switch to Collabora as well.
Really a shame, I liked Onlyoffice so far very much, but this feature is mandatory for my users and myself.