Question about E2E encryption

Hello, introduction in the website is not clear to me (I can understand two different meaning) :

  1. Are only chat conversations E2E encrypted or are videos and audio calls also encrypted?

  2. Also, I have a private Nextcloud server : do you have an “easy setup” (like one-click install) to install XMPP in it ? This is because I am not an expert in computing. Even a tutorial link can help me if there is not so much steps.

Thank you very much for your feedback.


JSXC is using OTR (and OMEMO in the upcoming 4.0 release) to encrypt two-party chats and WebRTC to establish voice/video calls. The last one is also end-to-end encrypted by specification, but there is no automatic peer verification.

The easiest way to get your own xmpp server is to use our managed backend, but if you like to setup your own you can look at our Raspberry Pi guid. There are also more guides in the wiki.

I hope this answer was helpful for you.


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Thank you, I really appreciate your quick feedback. The wiki link is… I feel I need some coffee before to read it hehe ! but I hope it is easier than I think. Thank you again !