Queries regarding nextcloud

Hey guys, i recently installed nextcloud on my server finally after hearing about it soo much. I have multiple queries.

  1. How do I convert a guest user to a normal full user either via GUI or cli.
  2. When I share a folder with a new email address (not by the guest method), they get a link in their email that redirects them to a share page where they can see that folder. I would like them to create their account first then see the folder shares.
  3. Also, on the share link that I mentioned above, at the bottom of the page, there is a "
    4.Get your own free account* " option, which links to nextcloud’s official signup page. I would like it to go to my server’s signup page instead.
  4. How do I manage which users have access to which apps individually.
  5. How do I rearrange the app order.
  6. Also, how I set a default widget for new users to be there at the very top in their dashboard.