QrCode not recognize on nextcloud password

Hello there !
I was looking for a vault for my password and Nextcloud password seems to be a good solution.
I try to connect a new device with Chrome installed on it (this time for my wife who using only Chrome)
With Firefox and Opera I have no problem at all, on Firefox, the extension propose several connexion options (QrCode / Connexion with generated password…)
For Chrome, only QrCode options and whatever the device I use, the QrCode generated is not recognize at all. It try on several webcam on different laptop, I try to get the QrCode from a Laptop, 2 differents mobile, even a tablet, I also try to print the QrCode but nothing work.
Is there any way to have the same kind of options like in Firefox for Chrome ?
I try to connect the extension under firefox throught the QrCode and doesn’t work either.
I just don’t understand why. Is there any other options ?
Thanks a lot for your return.

There is always the option to set up an account manually.

The link option for chrome is in development, but it’s currently only possible with the nightly version of the nextcloud app and the extension.

The QrCode currently seems to cause issues if the webcam does not have a sharp enough image or enough resolution. The next update of the app will change the QrCode to be easier to scan. (Already in the nightly)