Qnap Virtualization Station - preinstalled VM - Problems with installation


Qnap TS251a (
Virtual Station (3.2.747)

I’ve downloaded this pre-installed VM . After installation finished, the VM rebooted and when it was online again, it was stuck in maintenance mode. I finished the Maintenance mode, after nothing happened fot about 30 min.
Then i got to a screen, where i was told that nextcloud shall be updated to Version 17.0.0 now.
The only option is “Start Update”. When I start the Update it says:

and Update fails.
Is there a simple way to fix this? I haven’t logged in so far, so i could also kill the whole installation and redo it.
My fear is that I end up in the same mess, as now, because after installation the script runs a full update.

I already searched this Forum and others, but I did not find a clue what to do now.
already logged in and tried upgrading via putty, but no result.
I can also switch on and off maintenance mode using putty, but in both cases I cannot upgrade my installation.

hey @migge

for me that sounds like a config problem of the vm of the company you got that vm from. if you have paid them first address for problems would be them.

but we could try it here as well… :wink:

the main question seems to be: where do you run your upgrades? from the webinstaller within nextcloud? in this case… go there and try to choose production from the release-channel box. this should offer you (right now) some 16.x-version to install at first. install that and see how that one goes…
after that one got installed you need to make a decision whether you already want to upgrade to v17.x or if you want to wait until production-channel would offer you to upgrade (mostly from version .0.2 on). in the first case you just switch back to stable-channel and wait until upgrade to v17 is offered to you again.

hope that would help

good luck

@JimmyKater: no I didn’t pay for the image. I took the free image, that everyone can download and install.

its an image for a virtual box, when first run, it sets up ubuntu server 18.04. and installs nextcloud. after installation, the script runs an update and destroys the installation.

that was exactly the problem.
i installed the whole image again, but aborted the upgrade of nextcloud.
in the image nextcloud 13.0.2 is contained and the script tries to directly upgrade to version 17.
doesn’t work, so I updated afterwards slowly and now it runs.

Glad you got it sorted.

Using such an old VM as 13.0.2 is not supported. You should always use the latest VM, and keep it updated. Upgrading between major versions (jump between 13 - 17 aren’t supported in Nextcloud at all actually.

If you need to re-install for some reason, simply download the latest VM here and your life will be much easier: https://www.hanssonit.se/nextcloud-vm/

Recently I added support for minor version as well, please check this out: https://docs.hanssonit.se/s/W6fMouPiqQz3_Mog/virtual-machines-vm/d/W7Du9uPiqQz3_Mr1/nextcloud-vm-machine-configuration

Hope it helps!