Putting in parallel online nextcloud + Local NAS (as "proxy")?

Hello to the community.

Before going further in my searches, I wanted to expose my idea to see if it is even possible.

I work at a small eco-building company where we use nextcloud ( and owncloud before it) for more than one year now.
It’s really useful since we are a cooperative, and not everyone is physically at the office everyday.

the thing is, when everyone is here, any file created/modified by one user goes online by the web connection, then comes back as many times as there are users, through the same ( not so fast ) internet connection, which is kind of stupid since we are all next to eachother.
It’s sometimes annoying because we have to wait ( for the 50mo files for example, 5 min upload, then 2-3 min download on every machine )

My idea is : would it be possible to use our local NAS ( only used as backup file server since we use a cloud ) to serve as something like a proxy server, so that nextcloud would first look locally to update the files instead of downloading all from our online server.
Also, the NAS would be the only one to sync with the online server instead of all computers.

I don’t know if I’m clear in my explanations ?

Can nextcloud understand to check one specific URL when in one place ( aka at the office ) , and another URL when in another place ( aka at home ) ?
Is it even possible? Or would it require some sort of advanced coding / configuration ?
I’m not really good at coding or configurate webservers etc ^^
Would this link help ?

Note : NAS is a synology DS414

Thanks a lot for your help.


the current way must be killing your bandwidth to the internet with multiple people connecting to the server and all the syncing.

If this is a shared folder on nextcloud, then on your machine change your nextcloud folder to the nas box. have it sync up, then map a drive on everyones computer to the new nextcloud folder on the nas, have them turn off the nextcloud client on their computers. now everything they save will be local and the nextcloud server will be updated


Thanks for the answer.

I think I understand what you mean.

But what will happen when the people will be at home and not at the office, therefore with no connection to the NAS file server ?

Thank you


when they arrive home they turn on the nextcloud client and let it update their local machine. your other option is to have the nextcloud server run local and have a ssl port open on your firewall so they can access it.