Push or any Notification for new Event in a shared calendar on a IOS Device


I have Version 26.0.2, Calendar 4.4.2 and configured the calendar, contacts and E-Mail. Now i have some calender on different devices. How can i get it activated that every time if any person create a new event in a calender, that the people get a notification about it. The sync work between all and in the nextcloud browser app i see an activity but all smartphone user just have a new event in their ios calender with no hint. I activated in the personal settings the push and mail notification for all calendar things. But if i insert a new item in the calender my smartphone will make no sound or visualisation.

If i logged in as other user i can create an event and i get a respond in the browser but not on my phone:

The E-Mail Notification works too but useless on a mobile device:

If my wife create new event on our icloud calender i will get a +1 in the app and on my lockscreen. Is it possible to configure something like that? The other user cannot check anytime their calenders if their is something new.

Has anyone any idea? Has no one this Problem?

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@JOKER357thomas Were you able to solve this? And if not, did you find a workaround? I have the same issue like you and I would like to know, if there’s something I can do about it.

Thank you for sharing!

I’m also very curious if this can be made to work, when my spouse and I add events to each others calendar it would be very helpful for the calendar owner to be notified

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No Sorry on IPhone the tool is useless if i dont get any push notification.