Public Uploads and where to find them

I just noticed that PUBLIC file support was ON allowing public uploads. Where can i see the files that were uploaded here so i can delete them if they are there eating up space on the server? Need to be able to see them thru the ADMIN web interface please. Thank you

Unless I’m wildly wrong a public upload simply refers to non-nextcloud user share links. You would have still needed to create a share link to a folder, share it with someone, for any uploads to occur. You would not have any unexpected files anywhere on your system.

So just the general public would not be able to upload to the server without having some type of log on and password that I would have created for them then correct?

They would at least need a link that is generated as needed in the share dialogue. You can add login requirements at link generation time or set defaults in the Admin panel.

Unless you publicly sent out a share link without any login option set you should not have any unsolicited files on your server

Who created the link and shared it with whom? You have to approach this person. And this person has the files within the folder where the upload was authorized. And it is not your job as an admin to change anything in the files of users, as this is contrary to data protection.

To upload, you need a link such as https://cloud.server.tld/s/abcdefghijoklmo . This link must be shared, as no one can guess it. Have you or someone else created and shared a link?

One of many ways might be:

  • In general in your Activitie App can follow files with “created” in public shares:

  • The “By others” section in Activities should show you who shared or created a or this public Folder that you have discovered.


  • It should have “Can Edit” in order to be guilty


now you might be able to narrow it down.

I would say everything is logged, and the admin is able to see that. But I can’t see a one click function to get what you want.

kind regards