Public streaming link only (without download)

currently when you share a link the person clicking on that link can either stream or download the video. How is it possible to have an option to have either just a streaming link or both (stream&download)?

I could hide the “download” options with css - but then I would only have streaming links all the time.

Thank you

people can just take the stremed files directly (e.g. from the cache) so removing a download option barely does anything, it’s the same basic concept as for downloading youtube videos.

Yeah, people who are admins of nextcloud or surfing here maybe. About 90% wouldn’t know.
So, there isn’t any option to do that?

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well you could also remove the DL Link completely using changes in the temlpate or PHP files for that site. it should be possible although I never really did that much of a checkup on the NC Source.

yeah, that would be the same as hiding them in the end. hmm, too bad there isn’t an option to chose when sharing a link.

actually not exactly. hiding them via CSS means that the link still exists, but removing it from the template, does, well remove them.

Doesn’t stop the user appending /download to the share URL to get it though :slight_smile:

yeah but this requires a little bit more knowledge about nextcloud than just finding the link in the source.

but if the DL link is just with a /download at the end coulnt this just be kicked out via an htaccess edit which just throws away these DL links?

Hi guys, it’s old i know but a feature would be nice to share a stream only ?

I think you cannot properly do something stream only unless you somehow get a way to include stuff like widevine in your nextcloud (probably something that will not happen in an open source project like nextcloud) and otherwise it’s semi trivial to just download the thing using for example the dev console or other tricks