Public sharing is no longer displayed

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I did the automatic update. And public sharing stopped appearing on the dashboard.

Nextcloud version 15.02
PHP version _7.1

I have seen the same thing on one of my NC 15 setups. Make sure that in the admin interface you allow sharing links. But still then on one of my setups it fails. If it is the case for you, open a bug report on I didn’t have the time to gather all the information but I will add complementary infos to your topic.


This is due to a bug in the apps “social sharing via XXX”.
As soon as you disable it, you have the list of users back you shared the file with and you can unshare again.

So there is a Github issue already and they also created a fix for it. Should be soon available I guess.

Thanks, I didn’t find this. I had social sharing via mail enabled, disabling brought the share link symbols back.