Public Share Options

What are the options for public shares? I was hoping I could use an S3 bucket, but it doesn’t seem like thats possible. I’m looking to create share links or very large folders, 500GB+. Any suggestions?

You can make public shares irrespective of the particular backend storage used.

So why can I not setup my S3 storage to give me the option for public share links?

You’ll have to provide some details and what you tried to do.

I’m not incredibly saavy with this stuff, so I’m not sure where to begin to be honest. I’ve managed to attach an S3 bucket though, and I’m able to upload, download, delete and modify files.

You would need to attach the S3 as an external storage mount (unless your whole storage backend is on it).

And then share that folder, or a subfolder in it, as a public link share.

It is attached as an external storage on it. The Nextcloud instance is running on an AWS instance which is separate though.

Like I said previously I can upload, download, modify and delete but public share is not an option.

So… it’s missing or grayed out or what? Can you post a screenshot?

It’s just not there - I’m away from my computer right now but here is a screenshot from my iPhone.

Is sharing enabled in your settings?

Can you share from other non-S3 folders? Also make sure sharing is checked on the external storage.

Yes I can share from other folders, just not the S3 storage.

I have gone through that setup.

I did read some where, but it was old, that S3 sharing was only possible if you’re using the enterprise version of Nextcloud. Seems odd if that’s the case though.

I haven’t personally heard that, but I don’t use S3, so I can’t say for sure. I don’t see any mention of that in the documentation.

And you do have sharing enabled on the external storage config?

And you do have sharing enabled on the external storage config?

BINGO! Missed that one…

Thank you!

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