Public share became a non-public share


I created a public share, gave the link to some friends, they uploaded files and everything was working fine. However, when logging in, I cannot get the link anymore. That is, the share still exists, but when I use the “copy link” link, the address I get is of the form

, requiring to login to see the files. This is not the link I got presented when I created the share. When creating the share, the link was of the form<alphanumeric_characters>

This link still works fine, however, I just cannot see it anymore in the web interface.

It seems to me my public share accessible to non-nextcloud-users became a non-public share accessible to nextcloud-users only somehow.

This is the only share of that directory, so it’s not possible that I confused it with another one somehow. Also, I didn’t reboot the server or anything.