Public Links - Too many requests Error


I am usinge NexCloud for a production company and we are creating a lot of public links for directors all over the world and sometimes they are getting the: “There were too many requests from your network. Retry later or contact your administrator if this is an error.”

Can someone please help me fix or disable this?

I tried the “security:bruteforce:reset 192.168.x.x”
It dose not work :frowning:

The System is TrueNas configured with reverse proxy for CloudFlare.

Thank you so much! :pray:

I’m having a similar issue. I was remote connected to an outside clients computer, navigating through a shared root folder to find the sub-folder with the file we were looking for in it. There probably was a decent number of requests, but nowhere near enough to warrant a block in my opinion.

Hoping there’s a number I can tweak somewhere to make the blocking criteria more lax.

Running version : 26.0.2

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