Public Links - Too many requests Error


I am usinge NexCloud for a production company and we are creating a lot of public links for directors all over the world and sometimes they are getting the: “There were too many requests from your network. Retry later or contact your administrator if this is an error.”

Can someone please help me fix or disable this?

I tried the “security:bruteforce:reset 192.168.x.x”
It dose not work :frowning:

The System is TrueNas configured with reverse proxy for CloudFlare.

Thank you so much! :pray:

I’m having a similar issue. I was remote connected to an outside clients computer, navigating through a shared root folder to find the sub-folder with the file we were looking for in it. There probably was a decent number of requests, but nowhere near enough to warrant a block in my opinion.

Hoping there’s a number I can tweak somewhere to make the blocking criteria more lax.

Running version : 26.0.2

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I know this post is originally from June of 2023, but I’m having the same issue. This only happens when users hit public links, and it appears to be IP / device based. Is there anywhere to whitelist / disable rate limiting on access public links? (not auth related)

Version 27.1.6

Another update here, I’m still running into this issue, even after I did a completely clean install on a new droplet. No settings migration, different URL, and upgraded server (dual core, 4GB of ram).

I disabled brute force app, but that hasn’t impacted this. Has anyone gotten any idea where this error is being generated from?

Running version: 28.0.3

I finally found an answer for this, it’s a part of the rate limit setting in the config, which is not well documented.

If you run into this with public links, you need to leverage the rate limit setting in the config and set it to false. If it is not present, add ‘’ => false, to the config file. That fixed the issue for me.

Documentation: Configuration Parameters — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation