Public links for calendar

nextcloud = nextchance to stabil implement public links in the calendar app??!

part of owncloud 4
removed from owncloud 5
special patch for owncloud 6
patch dont merge in owncloud 7
new calendar+ app for owncloud 8.1 with public links
calendar+ app fails partial in owncloud 8.2
no calendar+ or public links in owncloud 9

And now? End of timewaste for developer and users? I hope for new a chance.



I’m currently trying to implement public links as part of an internship. I’m currently doing this on an OwnCloud base, but if some of the NextCloud guys are interested, let’s chat.



thats fine, but owncloud or nextcloud or both doesn’t matter, I need the function now and in future too. Please tell us your timeline and the kind of permanent codemerging. Please dont repeat the old story

owncloud or nextcloud or both doesn’t matter, I need the function now and in future too

When someone tells you they’re working at creating for you what you’ve asked for at no cost to you, a little more politeness, or even help in any form, would likely go further in helping your cause.


ok, thats all right. I cant code in php, but I work (also at no costs) on a another location.

Four yeaers are a long time. Three times to develop the same feature and afterwards it is allways for nothing. This is not ok for me.

If it’s not okay for you … you can hire someone which will implement it for you !!!

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in any new version again?!

To be fair, I think the tone was partly due to translation – we can’t always get the right words to explain without seeming to be abrupt.

This is also impolite, but politeness seems to have gone from ownCloud and Nextcloud. It’s like the Wild West, here and on GitHub.

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Come on … This is an open source project, so be patient. What a kind of statement is this?

The point of @krueuw is completely justified. For any productive use of apps, the development should be consistent and features shouldn’t appear and disappear randomly. The whole development process of nextcloud is planned to be open, the calendar and contact apps will be better supported, so such things should not happen again.

The new calendar app is still lacking some features, on github you can normally see the milestones for which a specific feature request is scheduled (if it is already scheduled). You can help programming/testing of the current features to speed up the overall process. You can also upvote certain feature requests on github.


@tflidd I was under the impression that the turmoil wasn’t so much the issue @krueuw had raised as it was the tone and demanding nature he voiced it in.

Nobody likes or wants inconsistencies, especially when it comes to more or less essential features. Just as well, nobody likes or wants assuming approaches.

And in case @krueuw was misunderstood all wrong: forum communication relies on the written words (stating the obvious ofc) - mimic and tone is missing - alas it is so very important to try and circumvent possible misunderstandings by throwing in a smiley every now and then :wink:

You cannot strengthen that often enough: We all should think of that each and every time we read or write something :slight_smile:


I am a teacher for professional education. For lessons and school-organisation I use only software with any kind of free licence, so students can see the options of an alternative life after snowden. For example: today it is possible for about 1500 teachers and students to work with our web based learning platform Moodle. Public calendar links are necessary for that reason. Our special patched Owncloud 6 is now unsupported. What can I do, exept clear simple (stupid?) words :slight_smile: My boss says: With Google-Calendar no problem! But I do not want this!

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Have you checked to see if there’s a feature request filed on GitHub ? That’s the fastest way to get developers attention, especially when other people show interest there, too (and I know others have been asking for this… )

thanks - done :slight_smile:



not only @krueuw is looking for a “stable” and “permanent” solution for subscribing to a “public” calendar. Since i follow OC since version 5 and NC since Version 9.0 this issue is still “a mess” ! Maybe other users are quite, because the still use “outdated” system, just to rely on a"working solution".

Due to my work, I rely on subscribing tp a public calendar and in OC 9.0x I still do not have a "workaround " solution, since importing a calendar into an existing calendar, does not give me the possibility to “erase” an existing calendar, which was possible in OC 8.x! This issue is a mess from almost the beginning and shows the “weaknesses” of an “open source” project!

regards, hitam4450


So, the question is, in an open source, community based project, what you’re willing to do to help make the situation better. @krueuw to my knowledge, isn’t a developer, but they were willing to file an issue on GitHub. Creating a draft spec, mock-ups, filing a bounty, triaging bugs or helping with community support to free up the developers time - these are all things that most people can help with (at least one or two of them, at least). All projects live or die by what their community members bring to them. If you want to see a project (like the Nextcloud calendar) flourish, start by asking how you can help. Even better, share what your skills are with the relevant developer and ask them. It’s harder work, but ultimately more fulfilling and gives you better odds of getting what you want (while helping out the community in the process).


@bugsbane: you shows us a ideal (owncloud)-world, but the story of the calendar+ app shows us the reality of the owncloud-project. I think without strong changes in the development-processes we have no chance for stability and permanecy. I hope and wish nextcloud success and than we can do what you say :slight_smile:

Please vote: "Feature Request: Public links for calendar" on github.

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Not sure how suggesting helping out if you want to see things get better is just an ideal. Seems like pretty blunt pragmatism to me. :wink: I’m not saying there aren’t problems, just that we need to put our energy into helping however we can if we want the best chance of getting them fixed.

Submitting a feature request is a perfectly valid project contribution. Clearly, if everyone – capable or not – was submitting PRs, there would be an even bigger mess.

I am using thousands of open source projects: am I supposed to actively contribute code before I can make suggestions? No, I didn’t think so. I have contributed code corrections, bug fixes and/or enhancements to perhaps a dozen FOSS projects and tried to help others with their problems if it’s something that I might have experience of, but I wouldn’t hesitate to only make a comment, good or bad, if the situation required it.

It’s on it’s way now. See