Public link share - limit uploading files types


I would like to know if it’s possible to limit uploads via public link (file drop) to only certain files (for example doc,pdf,jpg). I don’t want enable upload exe, sh, jar, php and other files which could have some malicious code in it.
I have tried playing around with File access tool but it doesn’t work.
I want to limit this only to specific folders (i have used tags.)

I have tried settings with file access control
FILE MIME is not PDF documents
File system tag is tagged with upload (tag of upload folder)
User group membership is not member of admin (without this owner of this map losses control of it)

but then my public link gets error file not found…

What I am doing wrong?

Is this even possible with File access control? If not how can we do this kind of limitation?


The File access control app might be what you’re looking for:

Please read my post again :wink:
I tried exactly that

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Did you figure this out?

Looking for the same answer.