Proxmox container NFS share => Files available but no in Nextcloud

Hey there,

I have Proxmox 7.2-11 running on my server with OpenMediaVault (NAS) 6.0.45-1 (Shaitan) as a pure VM.

It’s purpose is sharing my 6 HDDs via NFS and SMB to Windows, Consoles and my Plex server.

Now I wanted to install Nextcloud on my server but as a LXC container with Turnkey. So far, I have Nextcloud 21.0.1 installed and managed to mount my NFS share with fstab on /mnt/nfs

I’m not sure anymore but I remembered back when I set up my Plex server, I had to create the nfs folder and chown + chmod it to www-data because Plex wasn’t able to access nor see the files/folders inside since it uses www-data user to access them.

I did the same thing with my Nextcloud container and the files/folders are mounted, I can see them. I also added the NFS share as an external LOCAL storage to Nextcloud, it worked several years ago but back then, I was a full VM and not a LXC Container, but now… nothing…

I see the NFS folder in Nextcloud but I don’t see anything inside, even after days and months of running…

I scanned the folders manually with " sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all" and there have been 919 Folders with 10347 Files scanned but nope, NFS is still empty.

Since I’m still a Newbie on Linux, I’d like to ask the Pro’s for any help :slight_smile:

Thank you very much in advance and have a nice day :heart:

  • Pascal