Providing user-credentials via HTTP-basic-auth

Hello all, we have a proxying load balancer, and I would like to let the load-balancer provide the user-credentials to NC, so that already authenticated users do not have to re-authenticate when accessing NC.

I please would like to know if it will work with NC to 1) pipe the login-credentials from a load-balancer via HTTP-basic-auth-headers to Apache, and 2) having Apache doing the authentication (via Kerberos), and 3) having Apache then using the “environment based authentication” to login into NC, as described in .

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

There are some larger setups but many of them have an enterprise subscription which would be an option for you as well. I have seen little community support for such kind of setups, not sure if there are only very few of them or if they are less likely to share their configuration or it is too special. On some of the conference talks you have seen some basic schemes of larger setups with proxies and load balancer…