Providing a "gitlab server" as a nextcloud app?

Would it be possible to have a nextcloud app that allows to seamlessly install / run / manage a gitlab (or similar open source git web server) server? My motivation is that setting up a gitlab server is quite a bit of work (at least for a n00b like me), so it would be super convenient if somehow running a gitlab server could be made as easy as just installing a nextcloud app.

Doubtful since they are such different projects. As you mention, it is very complicated plus not coded in PHP. Even if a front-end was coded as an app you’d still have to setup the backend server.

Best to install the simpler Gitea and connect authentication to your nc via oauth or ldap.

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If it is simpler with gitea, it is fine to me too. The only thing is that I would love a pure turn key solution - not yet another thing I need to put myself deep in. If there is a way to get gitea as an app, and to be able to automatically log in with the Nextcloud credentials registered on the server, that would be amazing :slight_smile: . But I could not find an app offering this?

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What you are searching doesn’t exist! If you wan’t the server you need to invest (money or time). Just meant gitea would maybe easier to setup then gitlab… But there is no app for booth.

Works perfectly with Nextcloud (did it by myself). This is gitea documentation →
And this is nextcloud

Will looks following in gitea, simply click on nextcloud icon and if you are logged in you will be logged in in gitea or asked for nextcloud user/password.