Protected Unlimited Trash Bin

Is there some way to prevent users from emptying trash bin and set the trash bin to unlimited?


'trashbin_retention_obligation' => 'disabled',

to your config.php enables removed files to stay in trashbin for unlimited time:

But I have no idea if it is possible to prevent/forbid users to delete files from their own trashbin.

Thank you for this.

How about moving stuff to another place once they empty the trash bin? Out of users sight?

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Also, as far as I understand, if I set the storage quota to unlimited, they also have unlimited trash bin, so nothing gets automatically cleaned?

Nobody can confirm this?

only if the place is not needed, so i am really confident, that it is dependent on your physical disk space rather than the quota set. Read:


Also: More information means greater likleyhood of reasonable answers, just fyi.