Proper Updater for NextCloud

Hey, I’m coming here cos OC is a mess when it comes to updating.
The Updater only has the files after weeks sometimes and the quality is horrible.

Don’t make the same mistakes ! Create a proper updater which does offer the update when its available from the website.

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that’s whats actually been working on… :slight_smile:


Two thumbs up @Soko - Way up! What brilliant news! Highly appreciated!

First I perhaps have to clarify that it’s not me who’s working on the updater…
…but I think it’s coming soon:

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In fact we already have a branch here:

But better don’t take that code yet … it is rough and we’re working on right now. We’ll share when we have something to test :wink:


The team have already stated publicly that making updates via the updater work better is one of their primary priorities, so I think we’re in good hands. :wink:

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Thats good to hear, that the updater gets some love at least.

Everyone will judge you how well you are doing compared to OC, and I believe the updater (and how well updates are running) is the bit where you can easily earn reputation by the crowd …


If you want to try the new updater and help with it’s improvement (no coding required) take a look at:

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Will do, thanks for pointing me to it

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