Profile status "In a meeting"

After upgrading to the latest version 28.0.2, my profile status always shows that I’m in a meeting. When I clear the status message and change to online, it switches back to ‘in a meeting’ after a few minutes. Is this a bug?

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Maybe a calendar entry. Read here.

i have no working hours set however i set it and it doesn’t make any difference. the profile status switche to in a meeting after few mins.

Hi everyone,

I have the same issue with several users in my installation since the latest upgrade. Not all. Is is possible that it is related to active-calls in talk where people did not end the call “the correct way”. When I check with occ talk:active-calls I get

There are currently 15 calls in progress with 0 participants

I was wondering what that means for quite some time now and how I can close all active-calls.


I don’t think that’'s my issue as I ran the command and it says no active calls

I also have this issue. I can’t say for sure that it started with v28, but it is a fairly new problem. I’ve been using NC since v19.

I’ve exported all my calendars and made sure that there were no TRANSP:OPAQUE (‘busy’ status) entries in the ics file. Wherever I found one I change it to TRANSP:TRANSPARENT. I then deleted the old calendar and imported the updated one. Still the 'In a Meeting ’ status persists.

I’ve created my own status message, which will last for a few minutes to a week or so. But the 'In a Meeting ’ status returns.

I understand that this status message is the default message as stated in the Calendar documentation. Could this mean that if a calendar entry doesn’t have a status set it will trigger this status to be set?

Has anyone been able to locate the cause of the issue?

ummmm somehow I can remember that someone once said that this bug was introduced with NC28… I dunno if it still remains in newer versions than 28.0.2 or on 29.x