Procedure to transition from IPv4 to IPv6


I am currently using Nextcloudpi for hosting my own cloud.

Everything is configured to use IPv4 and port forwarding with DDNS from

In anticipation of my ISP possibly only providing me an IPv6 address in the future, I was wondering about how to transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

I know that there is no such thing as port forwarding for IPv6, instead, exceptions have to be created in the router firewall.

My knowledge about this is very limited, so I was wondering if someone has resources they could point me to so I can successfully transition.

Any help is much appreciated!

Ideally, you have a transition time where you can run dual-stack (ipv4+ipv6 at the same time).

For a private setup, I’d perhaps check if it were possible to run ipv6 only. In Europe, there are countries where they even rolled out ipv6 on mobile networks on a large scale. It depends if you share a lot with others (that might just have ipv4) or if you are abroad without ipv6.
If your mobile operator or others don’t have ipv6, ask for it!

Other ways: change ISP, use a VPN service with ipv4, run as TOR hidden service, rent a virtual server (-> put everything there, or just use the ip), if you are on ipv4only-> use tunnelboker:, cloudflare has proxies but the free versions come with limitations …