Problems with Windows Desktop Client installation via SCCM

Clients: Windows 10 22H2, running NC-Client version 3.12.3
trying to update to 3.12.4
install command: “msiexec /passive /i “Nextcloud-3.12.4-x64.msi” SKIPAUTOUPDATE=1 LAUNCH=1”

I deploy and update Nextcloud Clients with SCCM - so everything is supposed to run in the background with as little user-involvement as possible.

And here is where the troubles start:

#1 the shell is killed (and not restarted!)
(explorer.exe is killed and the user is stuck with a black screen)
#2 some installations just get stuck and dont continue
(manual installations show dependecies that i just can not preconfigure for SCCM – ie COM Surrogate) :
#3 SCCM installed the update (verified) but the running client is still the old one untill log off or reboot

The only stable Workaround that i can see is using a Task Sequence to log off the user during the update - everything else is either too disruptive to users (killing their shell in the middle of work is not an option!) - or unstable (Application Deployment ending in error 1619 - because of unknown dependencies).

any info regarding installations with SCCM are appreciated.

I’ve noticed this too (not through installing via SCCM, but by regular updates) => COM surrogate is blocking the install.

I don’t have a real sollution, but it seems that all clients above 3.12.3 are facing issues with crashes and not-syncing of changes. So probably best downgrade to 3.12.3.