Problems with the external memory

As expected, I have a Nextcloud. This has 16 GB of RAM and has just under 500 GB of storage. I use MariaDB, PHP8.2. The server runs smoothly and has only current software. The Ubuntu 22.04 is up to date and also the Nextcloud is completely up to date with version 27. All plugins are up to date. In short, the server is doing well.

I have both the app and the server side encryption module enabled.

To increase the storage space I got a Hetzner storage box. Now I want to connect it with SFTP or WebDAV to the Nextcloud. I have all the data like password. Since WebDAV is known to be slow, I wanted to use SFTP (but I’m open about that).

I have installed and set up the External Storage app. I will now show you the configuration.

My goal is to use encryption to tie the storage into the local Nextcloud, bypassing the local storage. It is important that the files are encrypted at Hetzner. Afterwards, the files should be able to be syncronized with the Nextcloud desktop. Every time I set this up, Nextcloud behaves more and more strangely.

I will now show you a few problems that occur.

So every now and then I can use data, but usually nothing goes through the website.

Even with the client there is no way in, the tool loads itself to death and gives up the ghost at some point. I do not know if you say the phrase in English so.

Here you can see the settings for the integration. Even if you don’t do it in the root folder, nothing works anymore.

I hope you can help me.

The client itself also fails to mount the memory correctly. 260712942-c3f52882-44ea-4e43-9b35-f3d9af4c59b3