Problems with shared calender to show events accepted via outlook

I have (multiple?) problems with my shared calender. I have shared my calender with the accound of my wife. I saw, that events, I created in the last days. aren’t there. One of these is event, I created on my Outlook account at work and inivted me on my private Outlook, which is synced via ‘CalDav Syncronizer’. But I tested creating events directly on my private Outlook, they appear on the account of my wife. I even tested to create events on my mobile with aclander+ and sync with Davx5, they appear also properly.

So I assume, there is a problem with events created elswhere and only “accepted”, perhaps in combination with syncing via CalDav Syncronizer, but the events appear on my calender but not via sharing for another user.

Second issue is, that the user of my wife is able to edit existing events but not able to create new events (i don’t know, if that is intended and would by an idea for a feature in future or not). And on my accounts (webview), I only see the changes if I knewly open calendar (changing week and going back doesn’t work).

NC22.2.0 on VM by
Calendar-App 2.3.4 (today upated from 2.3.3, i did the testing with 2.3.3)
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Linux-Kernel 5.4.0
PostgreSQL: 12.8
Apache 2.4.41
PHP 7.4.3

PS: Thanks in advance and Sorry for my bad english!

Today I had a similar problem, but without accepted events. I got an event via mail as an *.ics file and imported it into my outlook calendar. Due to my sync via CalDav Syncronizer it’s correctly displayed in my Nextcloud calender. But my shared calender, seen from the account of my wife doesn’t show this entry.

Can anybody try, if he can replicate the problem?

Same problem here. Not sure if the problem was introduced by a mail invitation.
Current situation: Even manual created (new) events are not shown the shared calendar.

There is also no log entry written. Currently kind of clueless how to debug/solve this issue.