Problems with NextcloudPi on rpi1

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up NextcloudPi on an old rpi1 (with Berryboot).

This did cost me a lot of time so far (first time NCP user) - till I figured out my problems seem to arise from php7.2 not working on rpi1.

I originally tried installing the newest NCP version, then one from 2017 (using NC12). Latter worked, but incredibly slow (php5.6) and I wasn’t able to update NCP (as I couldn’t find ncp-config, NC could be updated to v13 though).

I tried resolving it by installing php7.0 on both versions - that worked, but Apache2 didn’t use it. When trying to switch Apache2 from php5 to php7, all websites show up empty… arrgh. And switching from 7.2 to 7 crashes Apache - certification error (I must have missed something).

Best solution would be if someone could please point me to a previous NextCloudPi image (Berryboot or not) with php7.0 (Edit: I think v0.61 was the last one, using NC14).

Or, some instructions how I could get the newest or the older image working would be great, too.

Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

Edit2: I tried to built 0.61.0 from github, but that failed unfortunately (I think during with the maria db - segmentation error)…

I tried it some time ago (could be in 2017) on a RPi 2, and that was already slow. It was working but you don’t want to sync a lot of stuff. For a few files and calendar sync ok, but not more. I still have a RPi 1 for monitoring, well it is even slower.

Now if I wanted a small sync solution, if you still have a RPi3 board, you can try. If you want to use it more seriously, there are more powerful ARM boards that are not so expensive either ( Or intelNUC or similar for even more performance.

NCP never did PHP5.6. The first version was doing 7.0 already.

It works quite decently on a pi2+ but still not recommended, you can get better value for your money (see link above).

Just get a Rock64 or an Odroid or a NUC, the pi1 is too slow anyway. I do not recommend at all that you install outdated versions. There are performance and security fixes and you would not be able to get updates.

Thanks a lot for your replies -
I already had ordered an Odroid HC2 two weeks ago (still waiting) for more serious use with OMV and Nextcloudpi docker.

However this one will sit in the LAN only, while the old RPI (with a small USB stick) is meant to be accessible from the internet, just as a quick online storage…

For the record… I gave up on NCP for this and set it up with berryboot and raspbian lite, then installed php7.0 and NC 14 manually. This works (slowly of course)…